Special skills and a great deal of experience are required in order to be able to work effectively and quickly in specific situations and in the right place. For this reason we only work together with selected, renowned partners, some of whom we have summarized on this page, and especially with EmsVechte Consulting.


Process- and production optimization

The EVProduktion offers earnings-enhancing process and production optimization for SMEs and selected production-related divisions of companies.

SSC Consult

M&A advice

SSC Consult is a consultant to banks and medium-sized companies and their shareholders. The basic idea is the combination of the core skills: Corporate finance / M&A, equity advice, management consulting.


Financial services

PBW Finanzportale GmbH & Co. KG is the first development and operating company specializing in financial services for innovative portal solutions for SMEs. With COMPEON, PBW opens up new ways of interaction, and efficiency increase for commercial customers and financial service providers.

EmsVechte Consulting Group

Management consultancy

EVC economists know how to quickly analyze information and translate it into realistic, viable concepts using best practices and modern tools.